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About Alberto Pimenta

Alberto Pimenta was born in Brazil, where he attended the Fine Arts program at the Unviersidade Catholica de Petrópolis , he moved to New York City to finish his studies in a two years conservatory filmmaking program at NYFA with full scholarship. He is known for the shorts “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Hunt” , “The Doll”, “Hershey- I love for Chocolate”, “Pieta of AIDS”, “Cinderella”.

His shorts has been the official selection of festival in the USA, Europe, Canada and Brazil. His LGBT film “Pieta of AIDS” was an official selection for the Student Emmy Awards Competition in 2013. His three shorts “The Doll’, “The Hunt” and “Little Red Riding Hood” were shown simultaneously in the BAFF and KFF festival.

Alberto is also a set decorator,production and costume designer . He has also worked as assistant director with award winner producers and directors.